Sunday, January 29, 2012

Baby Bulldog

I find this image to be a caricature by the irony of instead of dressing up the dog, they dressed up the baby as the dog. I see parents who like to have a twisted laugh at the similarities between their crawling infant and similar sized dog. The child's stance in this photo is perfect for proving their similarities , but if it weren't for tan coat colors, ears and forehead stripe the similarities between baby and bulldog could be overlooked. The costume creates a character of the family dog and now the family dog's new best friend.
This image would also fall under the category of hyperbole because the switch is so obvious yet can be considered taboo or wrong. A parent might be shamed to admit the commonalities they see between their child and their dog. Personally I connect to this image because my sister has a two year old and four dogs; shes always fears he'll grow up barking. It's a satirical yet adorable photograph that will serve as that embarrassing photo parents threaten their offspring with in order to argue obedience.

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