Sunday, January 29, 2012

Last year's wrap up

This image was featured in Juxtapoz magazine's december 2011 issue. In class last week going over the definitions, I tried to find an image that may fit into one of them. I'm still baffled over what type of caricature this is. However the artist's work consists of paintings that seem like homages or moralizing images. Yet within this background there lies much political weight and relevance. This is what makes it confusing and hard to categorize. When does a characterization ever fall into one category?
In terms of the rendering, some of the subjects seem to be fitting the category of grotesque. For example the size of Charlie Sheen's head in the piece is very large in comparison to his shoulders. I feel as though the artist is mocking the subject, as did the media. The caricatures of Steve Jobs and Amy Winehouse seem to be addressed very differently in comparison to the caricature of Sheen. Which is why those two subjects seem to have more of a moralizing feel.As a whole this image has a lot of contrasting subjects and in some ways that's what makes it so compelling.

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