Sunday, January 29, 2012

Modern day superman

I had searched the Internet for a general comic based view into simple caricatures. I found an image of superman and how it related to the common man. Our views since childhood change on many things and how we see our favorite super hero changes as you get older. Simply due to the realities of life and many current economic situations the common man is no longer the fortified figure that is Clark Kent. The common man these days are simply middle class making enough to run through life and only try and enjoy it. The amount of laid back and lazy households in america have change with the convenience of technology. Also the general obesity in America is shown ,in this piece, in place of the invincible superman. The entirety of the work is just trying to bring down superman to our level, the level of the lazy cigarette smokers of the wonderful USA. Just shows nowadays the populous seems to be slightly pessimistic, viewing the world without a superman or a savior.

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