Sunday, January 29, 2012

Vote Santa

This caricature, found on is making fun of politician credibility. With the two characters stumbling upon this 'campain poster' that states "Vote Santa" and then stating "At last, a politician we can trust!" we can easily figure out the message behind this cartoon.
This is an example of satire because it was created to ridicule a particular class of people, in this case, politicians. Thinking deeper about the message behind this, and the idea of Santa, I would also consider this to be ironic. We all know now that Santa is in fact a fictional character, his role on Christmas physically played by parents of young children. Is the illustrator of this cartoon sending a message that because Santa is, technically, parents, which can be nearly every type of person in this world, that politicians are even less trustworthy than the most untrustworthy parent/everyday person out there? Is the illustrator saying that politician's are even less trustworthy than a fictional character who's based on lies and belief himself? It's hard not to think of hidden messages in this caricature.

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