Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Internet Posters

My goal of creating these posters was to show the ways in which the Internet has negatively impacted our society, and the ways in which our values have changed due to its affect. The Internet is recognized for all the advantages it brings to us, but we have become so dependent on it that its advantages have in turn made us lazy, and incapable of communicating and socializing in a normal setting. In my posters, I decided to focus on the shift in the ways we value relationships, communication, and education, and how these values have been affected/influenced by our Internet use. In the relationship poster, I presented the question of whether or not an online relationship holds the same value as being with some one in person. In my communication poster, I presented the idea of interpersonal communication, and the lack of one on one or face to face contact with someone. In the poster concentrating on education, I focused on the idea of the great amount of miss information you can receive from Internet sources, and the fact that it could lead you in many different directions, rattling off a bunch of nonsense facts. Through this project and class I have learned that caricature can take on so many different forms, and styles. Some are valued for their complexity, and others for their lack of detail or information. It is interesting to see how caricature can be applied to various concepts.

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  1. wow! i think these are very well done- and the use of mainly 2 tonal colors helps the viewer understand that the simple imagery is the main focus along with the text. I like that there are 3 posters, but for me the top 2 are the strongest i feel. the last one is a bit more simple than the others. however i think that this is a great subject and the representation of it came out very well.