Tuesday, May 11, 2010


What I intended to achieve with my project was provoke or generate thought concerning the phenomenon of assigning humanistic characteristics to things such as graphics, text, shapes; things that may not necessarily seem to invoke such thoughts at first glance. The choice of format, an informational graphic, seemed like the logical way to represent information concerning such visually associated information. I also hoped to present a great deal of information in an accessible way, which is what informational graphics seem to be designed for. In relation to caricature I felt the most obvious and interesting association was the personification of numbers, letters, even general images in the context of things such as advertisement and entertainment. That relates to a less obvious and more focused association to caricature, that being the specific gender marketing of advertisement and media. The overall, but often obvious manner in which a product's packaging, design, textual graphics and context conform and attempt to appeal to the specific gender demographic.

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