Saturday, May 8, 2010

let them eat cake

This image was intended to speak about the gluttonous behavior of the upper class in America. There has been the issue of the trickle down system not working to help the lower classes. There are many people in the upper class that feel they deserve what they have as do the poor. The starving children in this picture are not just from Africa, but Romania, South America and the various countries afflicted by the Holocaust. There could have been more references in regards to this issue, but I didn't find it nessasary to beat a dead horse. I feel that this is very clear in it's meaning. I don't know exactly how others feel about it because my crit was not very constructive. At the risk of going off on a tangent, I don't think I will talk about the underlying history of this piece. It is obvious that it talks about gluttony and the dispersal of wealth. That is why there are many starving people and only one fat guy. There is no need to know where these children come from to know that this is real and that it is a monstrosity that this is allowed to happen. I guess to some people it may be old news that this happens, but I don't thin k many people understand the magnitude that this happens because not many look up pictures of starving people to realize just how bad it really is, and some just don't care. This is addressing the issue by using the grotesqueness of reality.

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