Friday, May 7, 2010

Is English Your First Language?

Mine and Rachels final came together based off of our situations as Americans. Living a dual life, and having to represent who we are in society. The truth in this situation is that we are all going to die, once we are stripped down, not matter what material status we may have we are made up of a structure so simple- so ephemeral. That after life we transcend and become bones the only sure thing in life. While we have chosen symbols which represent our cultural backgrounds, we have also simplified the main images so that it can be interpreted as any one. We are framed in the American flag, because it represents our interpretation of "American Life." We must fit within this paradigm while still trying to retain some of where we come from.
This was not meant to be a prideful image, or an image of anger, but rather a informative mural about the irony of being "American" these days. Maybe it could be grotesque in a sense that skulls and bones are being used, but the over all subject is one of the underlying influence of many cultures within society nowadays.
I found that after the in progress critiques I understood my own project in a different way. The feedback that was given allowed me to broaden the topic of being a minority, and the rephrasing of my question was given. David, made me understand my mural from an outsiders perspective and gave me a way to incorporate them in an introspective way. By asking the viewer " Is english your first language" the mural opens the doors to the audience and implies that the mural was created by someone of a different culture. This project has given me a bigger view on how I am seen and how the world can be so closed minded and ignorant.
This class has opened my mind into what is considered art and what can be left open to interpretation. This class has also broadened my understanding of cartoons, caricatures and what fine art can really be. I look into the caricatures now for a deeper meaning and even in propaganda- I see the reasoning and try to understand the underlying meaning.

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