Friday, May 7, 2010

political mugs

My original intent of this project was to create a political cartoon. After many failed attempts at trying to create one, I decided to go forth with creating a mug for those who like to show off their political side. A mug is a personal drinking utensil that can be used to express a person's views. I intended that the political animal that had mounted the other to portray that animal's power over other. For example, the cup on the right portrays the republicans getting fucked over by the democrats. However, I have learned from the critique of others that one mug can be viewed to represent both political sides.. it all depends on how you read it. The mugs were a humorous and crude and even almost grotesque way to go about showing your political side.

This class has made me appreciate political cartoons and caricatures in a way that I never have before. This project has done that too. I never really understood until learning the history of caricatures that they really do have a large effect on society. I now look at a caricature much more conceptually and try to read it to it more, which is something i never used to do.

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