Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Texting texting texting

I also worked on the sound video piece with Nadine which was intended to show the impersonal nature of texting as a form of communication and the misunderstandings that can result from that. We created the sound score by recording people repeating a list of words giving each word three different inflections. We also asked each person to contribute a story of a miscommunication they experienced via text messaging. The video we created to match this score would generally show a visual representation of the score in white words across a black background.
There where two points where I found the film to be interesting. One was the delay between the visual word and then the spoken word which gave the audience a chance to say the word in their head before it was spoken which created a distinction (and surprise element) in how the viewer perceived the word and how the word was actually said. This aspect of the film eludes to how a text can easily be misinterpreted even in a situation as simple as one correspondent is in a sarcastic mood, and the other is in a positive one.
The second point that intrigued me was were there was an unexpected correlation between the story and the repeated words. For instance when one of the speakers was telling a story about how this guy sent her a text that he loved her and she didn't know whether to take him seriously or not the story was interrupted by a male voice saying "mwah "( the sound that we sometimes use to represent a kiss). I felt these layerings added an unintentional complexity to the viewing of the film.

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