Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Apathy of Youth

I found this particular comic on XKCD. Called “Choices: Part 4” it seems to be a commentary on the apathy of youth. I feel as though it resonates throughout the college community, in particular our generation, quite soundly. The character is called up by God or a god-like figure into a place with no oxygen, to get some sort of motivation from his/her/it’s speech, all to be forgotten as if it were some sort of dream. However the main character remains apathetic, and the god-like figure is seen to be corrupt, or, at the very least, quite fallible. Going through XKCDs archives reveals the artist(s)’ cynicism but also a very solid understanding of irony.


    The full comic

  2. The drawing seems very childish, however the content is mature. I don't know if I like it, but I guess that doesn't really matter. I like the irony that you found and the fact that a superior being is the worst influence. I think this could extend to many other scenarios and people. It makes me wonder if the being is more of the subconscious or really a higher being.

  3. I agree, I dont really read it as a God- type figure, I thought it was more of a subconscious? The irony is that this is something that can relate to life now. I often find myself thinking things through thoroughly- trying to infer or understand outcomes, and often sometimes we can miss out on spontaneous opportunities because of this over analization.

    The artist is simply poking fun of how our brain and morals can get the better or us sometimes. Atleast that was what I gathered from it.