Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jim Borgman: Armed Forces vs. College Degree

This political cartoon, drawn by Jim Borgman in 2003, is a comical, yet depressing commentary on the military and the current non-existent job market. Although it was drawn 7 years ago, the cartoon is very relevant to today's economic and military issues.

Both the college graduate and the solider are holding degrees, implying that both had completed some sort of higher education. The college graduate has spent many thousands of dollars and 4-5 years (maybe more!) in school to get his degree. He is in debt from all of his student loans and unfortunately for him, he is not guaranteed a job once he graduates due to the lack of a job market. His future is dismal with debt and no health insurance even though he has a degree and is more than qualified for a decent paying job.

The solider talks to the graduate as to why he joined the armed forces; it's easier to fight (and possible die) to get benefits than to go to college and not be able to find a job afterward. All of the armed forces offer incredible benefits and jobs for those who decide to risk their lives to fight for the country. Also the armed forces are an option to those who want schooling and a job but can't afford to pay for it.

This cartoon was drawn in 2003, right around the time the United States put troops into Iraq. It is interesting to see how something that was drawn 7 years ago, before the second Bush term, is more relevant today. The job market is worse than it was due to the current economic troubles that were caused by the idiot that was president a year ago. Unemployment is the lowest it has been in 15 years. The "Iraq War" isn't over and now we are moving more troops into Afghanistan. This cartoon will be relevant for generations, because there will always be war and there will always a be a living fighting for the country.


  1. True this is a very controversial illustration, but whos to say that it only serves purpose now? I mean during the Vietnam War education and drafting were conflicted. There will always be this confliction though, the military needs to meet a quota and offering better benefits and higher opportunities for learning for those less financially capable of obtaining it are usually targeted. This cartoon not only points out the destructivness of our country, but also the price we sometimes pay for higher learing.

  2. I agree that this cartoon could have been used during other wars. I do not wish to create controversy, but when the military offers higher education to those who may not have been able to afford it otherwise it gives those people a chance at a different life. I think that this cartoon gives the military a bad spin and it is important to understand that for some it gives them new and better opportunities.