Sunday, January 31, 2010


On the Internet there is a lot of hack jobs on photoshop. Sites like 4Chan spread a lot of JPEGs like this around. Usually they are photos of celebrities and pop images skewed physically and sometimes text placed inside. Most notably these images are just for humor sake. With so much distortion and ridicule attached to these digital images it falls into my mind caricature.

The image above is just a play upon Robert Pattison from the Twilight film series. All this is criticizing in real time. His eyes and mouth have been shifted and pulled to create a new persona of Pattison as idiocy. The term derp simply is defined as making a dumb comment. I suppose some people did appreciate his panel comments at Comic Con, or maybe it was just a good opportunity for a good laugh.


  1. To be honest I thought that this was a face that he really did make. This is a funny example of physiognomy and how it changes how I see the actor. instead of being what people think of "pretty". He looks stupid and fake, in a in a believable way. oddly enough the face that they put on him suits him. although I think that the "Derp" is a little pointless he already looks weird, why add the dumb comment prompt.

  2. I agree, the text is a bit distracting, but how else would you understand to look up or infer what is happening? I guess that only thing that comes to my mind is that he looks even more unattractive than he already does. I guess that facial expression may coincide witht he fact that it was a comic convention?

  3. Haha, this is an interesting form of caricature. Untill I read your comments on it, I also thaught it was just a face he made. It is an interesting method of creation, it almost goes along with the idea of the grafiti on the Mona Lisa. It's amazing to see what a little 'warping' can do to a picture. This certainly applies to the idea of caricature making the "sublime reduced to the ridiculous." I wonder what all the girls who idolize him would think after seeing this picture.