Sunday, January 31, 2010

Funny kids

Peanuts has been around since the 1950s, created by Charles M. Schulz the comic strip follows the lives of young children that play and lead lives similar to adults. They view the world differently and are affected in different ways than that of adults. The way that Schulz deals with social issues and and how kids deal with them was ahead of his time. Peanuts is often referred to the "Great American success story". This is again "Ironic", the main protagonist is lovable and a winner in many hearts because he fails at everything.

In reference to the reading the main character's physiognomy is misleading, Charlie Brown has a big head a happy smile and colorful shirt. By looking at him you would assume that he is the smartest of his friends, based on his large head. It also seems that based on his happy demeanor and always constant smile that he is lucky and has good fortune. However when you read about him or the comics Charlie Brown is gullible, trusting and has a lot of bad luck. He lacks the "street smarts" to outwit Lucy pulling the ball on him and and he always ends up trusting her that she will not pull the ball at the last second. He is always smiling making the viewer believe that he has good things happen to him, in reality it is just hope that the next day will be better and maybe his Christmas tree will look better or his baseball team will win. Charlie Brown's physiognomy is the All American boy, however his actions and personality are much different.

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  1. I think that this is a good point, much like the post I made about RECESS. I find that it is pretty amazing how after this reading different childhood characters begin to take on a much broader perspective along with more adult attributes. I find that I am more aware of his broad smile (false) and beadie little eyes! I read him as someone who is carefree. Which is misleading- which furthers my argument against physiognomy as a SCIENCE!