Saturday, January 23, 2010

George W Bush: the missing link

George Bush Caricature

This is an image of George W. Bush giving a speech at some point in his presidency. This picture is so spot on Bush but all of his features have been so far manipulated that the likeness is something of an enigma. The photo on the right is what I am assuming this caricature was based off of. The abnormally large monkey-like ears are a good indicator that this is George Bush. Also the close set eyes also give it away. The hair of the monkey Bush is similar to that of actual Bush, but the other features are harder to pin point the exact thing that makes this so recognizable. It is just so unmistakable. Obviously the mouth is similar. The shape is off, but the reference is there, then it is altered to make him look more like an ape. It seems that if you cover up his snout, the top part of his face has a very close resemblance to GWB. The outfit he is wearing is the same in the caracture and the comparison photo! But what about the elongated face or the dark skin? That is nothing like Bush, but somehow throughout all of Bush's stupid faces and stupid decisions, we seem to just associate him with the features of an ape and giving him something that reminds us of fur is just a plus. I think that it is acually an insult to our primate relatives to call compare Bush to one of them. Here are some more images of Bush being compared to an ape:

It is evident that Bush just naturally has an ape face and that since he is such a blundering buffoon, we must make fun of him even if it does mean insulting our primate friends.

This, in relation to the article would be in the category of complete distortion of all of the features of the face. It seems that Bush's perfect distortion is his ape face. Carracci was reported to do animal-like caricatures of his friends. In those likenesses he changes everything exept the the "striking and individual expression...". In the caricature of Bush, that expression is how his face looked when he was giving a speech and the lucky photographer snapped the camera at the right time. GWB seems to have many of these opportune moments...

It takes an understanding of the human face and a sense of humor to be able to morph a person into a completely different character, but at the same time, remain recognizable.


  1. The compilation of images is what makes this such a compelling argument. The bone structure of the head(rounded) and mouth moevements are very similar. This artist has captured the identity of Bush head on. The caricature from the nose up alone can convey who this person is. The "like in unlike" way of portraying images is evident here. This comparison to a chip is spot on and not too far off in personality and actions.

  2. The caricature that you have chosen is a perfect portrayal of the dumbass that bush is! The images of bush compared to an ape are priceless! There is a definite resemblance between the apes and george bush, it's almost as if they are relatives!