Sunday, January 31, 2010

Captain Texas
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The clip that this show is from (Robot Chicken), often creates caricature skits of well known people and cartoons using clay-mation and stop-motion animation with dolls. This particular clip I have chosen is an interesting and hilarious portrayal of George W. Bush and his boorish actions during his time in office.

In the beginning of the clip, a child-like Bush is playing a hand held video game and is bored by the daily threat assessment report. Thing's like Katrina, the San Diego Fire, the environment and China are just ignored and swept away because it is not nearly as exciting, interesting, or important to him as his hand held video game. To get Bush interested, Condoleeza Rice gives him a personalized comic book, with a caricature of Mahmoud Ahmandinejad, leader of Iran, on the front cover to give him the idea that Iran is going nuclear. All of a sudden it's Captain Texas to the rescue!

Bush is thoughtless when dealing with the leader of Iran and just throws him into what looks like a furnace because Captain Texas does not negotiate with terrorists. This is very similar in how Bush was very thoughtless in dealing other countries, especially with blaming Iraq and sending troops there shortly after September 11th, even though when looking into the finer details Iraq has nothing to do with Al Qaeda. Unfortuntaly by doing that, Bush did not get the codes to stop Iran from nuking the world. He flies into space to go stop the nukes, and ends up nuking the Middle East, China and the sun, because he's the f*ckin president! Good logic, Bush!

My personal favorite part of Bush "saving the world" from nukes, is after he bombs China he says, "So long threat to America's enconomy, or as you say 'Adios!' ". It shows how uneducated and uninformed he is, because obviously Adios is not native language in that part of the world.

After all that we find out that the story that had shown was from the comic book. Bush takes this as truth and rips off his clothes because he thinks he is really Captain Texas. He also thinks bombing everything will fix global warming as well. Again, good logic..

Although this is not an entirely truthful representation of Bush, it definately gives the general idea of his I.Q. and his thought processes in making decisions and doing what his advisers tell him to do.

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  1. Well I know I hate Bush. He is a complete boor. Although it is not a truthful representation, that is how I imagine a caricature of Bush to be. Captain Texas, the man who blows shit up without reason. Bush did that. He is like a little kid playing King of the mountain... but he is a king that kills innocent people....oh wait a lot of kings did did a lot of dictators... like Hitler. Bush is just not savy enough to be a dictator. Thats Cheney's job.What a boor!