Sunday, January 24, 2010

This particular political caricature I have chosen to analyze depicts a serious and stern looking Hillary Clinton looking up from a book entitles Monsters and Menopause. This particular choice of reading seems to suggest that there are certain things inherent in females that possibly make them unsuitable for the game of politics, with menopause being the main example here. Caricatures serve to fulfill a number of certain roles and this caricature seems to primarily fulfill one of them, caricatures can serve to convey a point with humor, depict a person in exaggeration, as well as criticize. In this case that role seems to primarily focus on outright criticism. Hillary's stern facial expression seems to create an image of an angry old woman which further works to criticize her personality and values. All of this can be considered sexist to a degree as it tends to focus on the uncontrollable notion of gender in relation to capacity and potential to be a political leader.

The picture also has the standard attributes of a caricature with certain features being exaggerated (in this case her hair is exaggerated in size and seems to suggest a primped nature, further commenting on the gender role) and proportions distorted. An over sized head is often a staple to any caricature. This is due to the fact that emotional expression is mainly expressed through a persons face as well as the fact that people are generally identified by their faces.


  1. I wouldn't say menopause makes women unsuitable for politics, but that it gives them a purpose in life since they can't produce children anymore and being a mother is what most women identify as versus their occupation.

  2. Actually "The Greek" I will have you know that I am a women and being a mother is something I don't identify with at all as I have no children. A purpose???!!?? WHAT!!! I will slowly simmer on my anger, and get on to what I was going to comment about the posting....I agree with Jordan as the caricature was made to comment on the "notion of gender in relation to capacity and potential to be a political leader." But I just wanted to point out that I also thought the artist portrayal of Hillary's hand is very telling...they have turned them into a claw-like resemblance maybe similar to the talon of a bird, perhaps giving her a "monster-like" quality. Just a thought...