Sunday, January 31, 2010

Following with the popular trend of web comics I choose a relevant one from one of my favorite series. The simple message here is one of accuracy and recognition as well as the exaggeration and distortion of facial features. This comic pokes fun at the sometimes excessive amount of distortion and exaggeration of a simplistic appearance an artist sometimes employs in an attempt at critical insight or humor. In it the bird character Reginald struggles to draw another character from the series from memory and ends up with a hyper-realistic (in comparison to the comics' usual style) rendition of the characters facial features (see the attached image to see what the character normally looks like. While most likely inadvertently considering the nature of the comic I believe it still does capture a relevant aspect of the struggles in creating insightful caricature while attempting to maintain recognition and also avoiding overly insulting or cynical results that may result from excessive distortion and/or exaggeration.

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