Sunday, January 24, 2010

The McCain vs. Obama campaign was a very unique marking point in political history. During a time where change was desperately in need, the general public did not hesitate to pick apart the candidates. Understandably, there will never be a candidate who is perfect for the entire population of the United States. However, there are certain qualities which should be taken into account.
This campaign brought about an appeal to young voters. Many older generations have difficulty adjusting to the youthful lifestyle where ipods, laptops, touchscreen cellphones and things of the like are abundant. Nonetheless, the American culture has evolved quickly with advances in nano technology and it's dependence on the internet. This caricature displays John McCain's lack of "staying with the times." During his campaign, he absentmindedly admitted that he was not familiar with using a computer. This in turn caused him to lose any hope in having young supporters. As a college student who grew up during the advancements of the internet, I am living proof of the general dependence that has struck the American culture. It is the fastest and easiest source of information, and it grows larger every second.
The caricature displays McCain cupping his ear, suggesting that his hearing has deterierated from old age. His facial features are also exaggerated making him appear much more wrinkled and elderly. Artist Jerry Breen captures McCain's struggle with age and references his lack of capacity to grow and progress with the newer generation's ideals.

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  1. I agree with you in that this is a comical evidence point against McCain not being anywhere suitable for running the US in 2010! Perhaps 1950 would of been more his time frame. This even goes to point out his inability to relate with the next generation being tuned out of current times. It's hilarious because it's almost like picturing a senile grandfather trying to run for President.