Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obama:Year One

This political cartoon of Obama has taken on the role of unmasking a "public hero." In the eyes of many Americans, Obama is a symbol of 'hope' and 'change.' This scene is meant to represent Obama's first year of presidency. It sure has not been an easy year for him, especially given the recent threats, but Obama fought to become the leader of our nation knowing that it was not going to be easy, and many changes needed to be made.

You would think an image describing a year of hope and change would be positive and uplifting, but this artist's work gives off a feeling/impression of failure. The artist turns this idea of hope into mockery as he displays Obama sitting on 'hope' that is now broken and worn. Obama's face and mannerisms display a sense of hopelessness and disappointment. He looks lost, placed in a desolate area with a dark, empty cloud above his head. Is this cloud supposed to represent anger/frustration? Or is it an empty thought bubble, implying that he has no knowledge of what to do next? The artist has taken a strong, heroic figure America looks up to, and exposed him as being weak and unqualified.

In Gombrich and Kris' Caricature, they discuss how "it may happen that when we meet the victim in real life we are forced to laugh at him, because his picture is linked inseparably in our minds with the caricature we have seen. We have been taught by the artist to see him anew." Is the porpoise of this caricature to distort America's positive view of Obama? Change obviously can not happen over night, and there are always going to be obstacles along the rode. This artist appears to be disappointed in Obama's efforts this past year. Is the artist trying to convince Americans that Obama is not fulfilling his duties as President?


  1. Wow! This is indeed a very disheartening illustration. The desperation and saddness is easily felt throughout this whole piece. From the frown on Obama to the "NOPE" he is sitting upon. The disappointment felt by the artist comes through as clear as glass, granted he should give him some slack he is after all the first African American President; however I cannot help but feel that the artist may view Obama as a small voice in the government which basically sums up his first year in office. That what he proposes and what he says has little or no effect at all, and this comic does indeed make me question the decision made in the election? Job well done!

  2. This cartoon is kind of unexpected, it is assumed that cartoons are funny. This does express the depression and disappointment the artist is experiencing. It also mocks Obama with the large ears and the lanky figure. I agree with Luz it makes me question the promises Obama made and how they have fallen through.

  3. i think it is interesting that the "hope" sign has turned into a "nope". I think it represents that people are starting to loose hope that things will change. It is sad to see that not much has been done during Obama's first year of presidency, but I do not think that Obama is to blame entirely. I would like to think that the majority of the blame for the lack of change and hope lies on congress, because they are not being very supportive of the change Obama wants to make.