Sunday, January 24, 2010

How confusion is illustrated

This cartoon depicts the 2008 presidential elections and the debates that the candidates went through. As well as how they were percieved by the general public. It also pokes fun at the candidates appearance and how they carry themselves. As stated in the reading Caricature by E.H Gombrich the artist is expected to play with the features of the characters. Make them look more comical and bring out the feature that separate them. For example McCain is squat seems too small for his own suit. Obama is tall and and seems to be more comfortable. It is amusing to see how the artist depicts the confusion that McCain is experiencing by drawing what looks like a dark cloud above him. As well as making him speak in circles and having Obama say only a few words to make him look a little more with it. It also demonstrates the political view of the artist.

1 comment:

  1. This illustration is pretty clear on what the artist is trying to convey and his political view exactly! The drak "cloud" I feel is more of a grey area. I feel more incline to side with Obama just because McCain does nothing but ramble by the looks of his speech bubbles. The artist has indeed made McCain the lesser by the ruffles of the suit and the hand gestures, which he may use to try and "enhance" what he is saying.