Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Body As Caricature

So far I've been focusing on examining and discussion caricature mostly in relation to the face/head as is the traditional form. However now, considering the body in relation to this image certain ideas are suggested. The woodcut aesthetic of the piece suggests and extenuates curvature and mass of the body while retaining a hyper realistic appearance. The larger than life size also serves to command attention towards the depiction of mass. The piece's existence as a form of graffiti also serves to add a tone of social commentary. As a type of caricature the portrayal of the body differs from facial variety in this difference in foci is distinct. This aspect of caricature is often found in political cartoons, the stature and mass, thickness, width of the body in relation to prevalent political figures serves to comment upon public and personal opinion of the standing of the character.

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