Sunday, March 21, 2010

honest food labels

Some people will ingest food without thinking twice about what they are actually eating. It doesn't help that when one actually looks at ingredients or a food label, it is impossible to decipher what one is eating due to the massive amount of chemicals and preservatives that are in the food. But if they actually knew what they were putting into their body, would they still eat the things they do?
This cartoon portrays a mother shopping in the grocery store. She looks extremely distraught but it's unsure if it is from her child's tantrum or if it's from reading what is on the food labels. I imagine the child picked out the ADHD Flakes and the mother does not want to purchase them for her child, the end resulting in a tantrum. Perhaps the ADHD flakes are to blame for his behavior.
If food was truly labeled, I'd like to think that perhaps America would be a less fat country. Things like All Natural Obesity Pop and Colon Cancer Dogs would make the consumer more aware and would probably inspire him or her to eat healthier.
However, even if the food was labeled truthfully, I am sure a decent amount of people would still purchase things like For Sure Diabetes Drink. Notice the prices of these foods. They are relatively cheep, and I a sure someone on a low budget could feed their family with this food as opposed to buying expensive healthy food such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

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  1. I understand how you see deception in food labels, it is always hard to figure out what is in food these days. In would help if the government stepped in and made healthier foods less expensive. This cartoon reminds me of the reading in that the labels are deceptive in the look and appeal. Kids pick the most colorful and eye catching cereals, or ones that have their favorite tv star on the box. It is like the food industry does what cartoon artists do with animals. Make the bad look more appealing and palatable with bright colors, sugar and propaganda.