Sunday, March 28, 2010


This comic is from Toothpaste for Dinner, a daily online comic. The cartoon depicts a glass blower, I assume he is in the production field because his boss is telling him to make more mugs. I think that what the boss is saying( ass blowing) to the gaffer is related to using the term "Glasshole". This term refers to one that blows glass who thinks they are above everyone because they have such a talent and there for, is an asshole. This school is filled with many of them. I think it is interesting to see the boss being such a jerk to the gaffer because he is not doing the work himself, so he may not know how hard it actually is. However, if this takes place in a production factory, the gaffer should be more than able to whip out these mugs since you have to make everything PERFECT in production. In the end, the gaffer will get no recognition for his work.
This reminds me of Dale Chilhuly's work. One of my final project ideas is to do a caricature of Chichuly.
Dale Chihuly is a glass artist who currently does not create his own work. Earlier in his career, he did actually blow his own glass, but after loosing sight in one of his eyes, he no longer gaffs. He now has other glass artists to create his work for him. He will draw horrible pictures of what he wants, and then he will order the glass artists to create them. The artists who actually create these forms will have no recognition in the final product. They are labeled with Chihuly's name because they are his ideas.

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