Sunday, March 28, 2010


So for my upcoming final project I am considering reformating and improving a short comic book I completed earlier this semester. The piece is title "The World" and is a just a simple comedic poke at creationism and conception of art. The main character is based on BFA student here at Alfred but I will keep his identity secret and he doesn't know the character is about.

The story is bascially a washed up painter in a boat and a series of events that leads to his mental decay. I won't spoil much because I will eventually post some images of the comic once they are scanned.

More over I intend to scan the comic and print it on watercolor paper on an ink jet printer. I will color the comic with ink and paints and probably bound it with staples. I think part of this project was also influenced by a childrens book I can't recall the title. It featured a sailor swalloed by a whale and then somehow ecscapes by painting the walls of his mouth and stomach. Except that in my comic revolves around seagull poop.

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