Sunday, March 21, 2010

Impersonation as caricature.

Comedians often impersonate well known people, often exaggerating their behaviors, to get laughs and/or to comment on that person. John Stewart, on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, does impersonations every night, and it is the majority of his comic routine. Impersonating almost everyone in politics and news media, his past favorites include Dick Cheney, who he caricatures as the Penguin from the Adam West Batman Series of the 70s, and George Bush, as constantly giggling to himself. Currently Stewart has gone on a much more elaborate impersonations of Fox News show host Glenn Beck.

Stewart has been doing entire segments on his show where he impersonates Beck. The parody involving Beck eccentric behavior, wild conspiracy theories, and the use of a chalkboard. He impersonates Beck very closely, not much need to exaggerate on the crazy, but Stewart uses it to point out Beck's flawed logic and counter his arguments by going to opposite extremes. Its hilarious to watch, but frightening to know that Beck acts like that seriously. Its not a matter of agreeing with Beck's politics or Stewart's, Beck acts like a lunatic conspiracy theorist, and Stewart mocks him expertly.

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