Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm doing a simple posting this week by just featuring Claude Monet's caricatures. Not many people know Monet for his caricatures. He made them early in his life during his teenage years. Of course later he abandoned drawing for oil painting as his focus. I an exhibit on his drawings at the Clarke Institute and was astounded by their excellent portrayal. They reflect the style of western illustration in the 1800's with large heads and small bodies. Often Monet drew members of parliament or celebrities he knew of. There was little politicization behind the images and were mostly aimed at humorous renders.

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  1. It seems like where dealing with a lot of political cartoons in this course but I think caricature can occur on multiple levels as . Where they are human there are flaws and inconsistencies. Where there are flaws and inconsistencies there is caricature......