Sunday, March 28, 2010

Symbolism from an outsiders perspective

Luz and I are trying to paint a mural on the graffiti wall. As I have thought about truthful misrepresentation and I have discussed it with Luz we decided to use our cultural background in our mural. Both of us have been raised in America, but come from different cultures. I am Korean born and Luz is Mexican American. I have struggled to represent myself as an American, since that is the only culture I know. However because of my looks people believe that I am a foreigner. For example I was asked today if I could speak English. In our mural I chose symbols that have to do with Korean folklore and Taoist, Buddhist and Confucian ideals. The crane on the left represents a scholar and happiness. The image on the right has the Korean symbol for longevity. The lotus on in the center represents creativity. Each of these are characters that are part of Korean culture and are truthful to my heritage. However they misrepresent me because the only cultural history I know is American/ Scandinavian based.

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