Sunday, March 21, 2010


The smurfs were first introduced to the world in 1958. They were blue with white hats, and led rather simple lives. Though this may be a stretch in relating the smurfs to the reading I am going to try. It may not be intentional but since these creatures were not human, they had the same effect as animals do when it comes to addressing some more somber issues. They were Comical characters and like animals the same quote from Edward Koren can apply to these things " I think, too that animals can be understood by anyone at any time and usually at any age."

The smurfs generally displayed communist behavior in that they lived in a community where there seemed to be an emphasis on equality in sharing. There was also the aspect of anti- Jewish remarks or stereotypes. this may have been on accident, but since it could reach a vast audience with the comical look and funny language it was more influential. I chose the smurfs because they could reach and be semi understood by anyone at any time.

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