Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Being able to speak to Mr. Fish last week was a real treat.  Jacqueline and I were able to get feed back on the ideas we had for our final assignment and we as a class were given the opportunity to see caricatures and political cartoons in the eye of someone who makes them for a living.  His choice of topics and artistic talent are very fun and though they may be controversial, add the satirical remarks in regards to all.  With this, it makes it very difficult for one to call him racist.  When hanging posters there was some controversy over the zebra comic.  One speech bubble had the word white trash and the other had the n word.  Considering that zebra's are both black and white and a derogatory word was used for both races, it seems that there wouldnt have been quite as much controversy.  However, this was not the case   After speaking with Mr. Fish as well as reading many of his cartoons, I don't see them as male oriented topics, unless one considered politics to be a male specific topic.  For me, politics has grown to be such a topic in equality what with  women voting and women in politic positions that using these topics as a means for a laugh is just as equal as the rights we have acquired in history.  Even though I don't believe that Mr. Fishs cartoons are male specific, there are cartoons that are indeed male specific.  From what I've seen, these kinds of cartoons involve women being dummed down and inferior to the male.  Not that this is right but, some people get a kick out of it.


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