Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mr Fish

Mr Fish was probably the best artist talk I've seen here at Alfred. I think a lot of people were misguided by the posters that were going up around Alfred. Some people thought he was just some angry person who found it funny to poke fun at religion, politics and so forth. I was glad I got to speak to him before other students did I was excited to know who he was. Furthermore I'm happy to say that he shot passed my expectations ,in his presentation he seemed like more of a philosopher and artist than that of a politician or political artist.What makes meeting up with him was the fact that he was so humble and down to earth, which is where I believe artists of all kinds should be. What we all are practicing are levels of communication through two dimensional and three dimensional media as well as other types of media such as audio.
From what I heard after his presentation in Homes lots of students reevaluated their reasons for being in school and what continues to drive them to be here. Many of the students were really happy to see that Mr. Fish's knowledge of Philosophy Politics and Concept all seemed to be equally balanced. Im glad I got to meet him.

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