Thursday, April 12, 2012

Mr.Fish and a dish

When comes to lunch with us I'm truly obligated to ask the questions of how did he get to do what hes doing. What is his inspiration and motive behind his work? There's also the question of how is it do make these cartoons as a job. But in a different note I will stray away from common questions. I want to ask who his favorite artist is. I want to also ask when he started doing comics. I want to ask if he doodles in his spare time and if he sits down and watches political debates or if he goes off of the general talk around us. The questions ask more that what do you do. These questions are more about talking to him on a level of a fellow colleague and finding who he is. I want to more than anything know the personality of this humorous cartoonist. From his work he seems like a very intelligent and funny guy. I want to actually get something out of this opportunity and talk to him on a personal level. This may be a stretch but it why not let the chance go to waste.

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