Sunday, April 8, 2012

This week I chose a political cartoon designed by John Cole for the Scranton Times Tribune. This cartoon depicts both Obama and one of his opponents in the up coming elections hopping around as easter bunnies. Each carries a colorful basket with a ribbon hanging off of it with there political standpoints written on them. Though they have been portrayed as these lovable happy animals there views points give off the opposite effect. Obama's ribbon states, "Tax and Spend" The cartoonist is trying to portray how much we as american citizens pay in tax's each year and what is it spent on. Just once, It would be nice to know where this money is going and what exactly it is used for. On Ryan's basket, the ribbon reads, cut and starve. From this I related to the upcoming loss in jobs and pay cuts. It has become difficult just to get by in 21st century America. Many business's have had to down size and let go of hard, long term workers for the sake of keeping their business alive. Which is the opposite of what should be happening when hoping to reach this goal. A business can only flourish if it has the opportunity to grow first. All in All, it was interesting how the cartonist juxtaposed the happy idea of an easter bunny with the depressing message being sent through the easter baskets. Not to mention that both bunnies are arguing over who they think will have more people believe in what they are "selling". After all, that is what politicians do. Sell their ideas and hope that people like them enough to vote for them when the time comes.

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