Monday, April 16, 2012

Yeah, I remembered this post

I have some questions for this, Mr. Fish fella.  I want to know if people ever judge him for drawing comics.  I think that's something he'd likely experience; comics get a bad rep.  I want to know more about his favorite cartoons, comics, taste in music- maybe a good joke if he knows some.  Does he think of himself as a funny guy?  What's the part of his job that drives him to the brink of his sanity on a daily basis?  What other artistic enterprises does he engage in?  Do cartoon artists really live like the cartoon artists in the movies; i.e. James Bond, James Dean- or is it like R. Crumb all the time?  Has he ever tried to do the whole 'superhero' scene?  How did his old work train him for his new work?  What jobs has he held in order to support his cartooning addiction?  Is he addicted yet or can he still get the patch?

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