Monday, April 23, 2012

Mr. Fish

Mr. Fish was probably one of my top speakers that I have seen here at Alfred, he was amusing and had a good sense of humor, which is different compared to past visitors. I enjoyed meeting him and talking about my work and projects and what my future plans were. I felt that he was actually interested in the students rather than just coming to talk about himself. I really enjoyed his talk even though I feel like many people around Alfred had mixed feelings about him due to the posters. Being stopped in the hallway and told not to continue hanging them up was a bit shocking.. but people are entitled to have their own opinions. As far as his posters being stereotypes I feel like yes they are, but at the same time I feel like that is his angle that he goes after.. It seems like he tries to go after stereotypes that will get a reaction out of people. I don't feel that his cartoons are looking at any sort of gender, I mean from the cartoons I have seen he mocks both males and females. For example the Jesus comic and the Georgia O'Keefe cartoons are making fun of both genders. Which is something I find okay, I feel that people should be able to laugh at one another and not take jokes so seriously towards their personal opinions. I feel like if someone were to make a racist joke towards me I'd be able to laugh right back, but that is the problem with today's society people take it personally and don't know how to laugh about it. which is what I like about Mr. Fish because he takes these stereotypes and make people laugh and talk about them.

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