Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Soda and Guns

This image is commenting on how accessible it is for people to come across such things as guns. Vending machines we made to be convent and easy so by having a soda machine next to a gun machine is like saying they are just commodities. It’s almost a play on words that a gun vending machine is like a machine gun.
The people in the cartoon are both in pairs of male and female, they look to be holding books so I would assume they are at a school. Although the people are walking away and have a sort of upturned attitude towards the vending machines they still could have bought a gun. It’s a bit confusing at first because they style and shape of the drawing reminds me of an older figure with the girl at the left having such a large butt and their faces, excluding the dude on the right, aren’t very juvenile.
Having a soda vending machine in school has also been considered a killer as well but I would not equate them as having the same level of dangerousness. To me this comic is saying that kids can find anything they need to almost as easy as pressing a button which is why the image is so powerful. The colors used are also really vibrant and strong, they’re the same colors McDonalds uses to make people hungry, to subliminally persuade them in buying their product.

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