Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Post For 04/22

Since this post is supposed to be done on Sunday of Hot Dog Day, and I know I'll forget, here is my commentary on the Mr. Fish presentation that I just attended. I thought it was great first of all, I had never really gotten anything out of any other artist talks that I've attended here so far, but this one I got many things out of. He made a lot of good points, I thought. I also thought that he answered a lot of the questions that people, and myself were posting about for last week. He said that his purpose of these cartoons was not just to argue politics, but to have fun, and make some dirty jokes. He said that he doesn't think that he trivializes world catastrophes, but rather enables the viewers to have an uncomfortable/controversial conversation upon viewing his pieces, instead of an academic one. I think this point is very important, and interesting to think about as attending school here at Alfred. I think that more conversations need to be controversial, I don't think you learn nearly as much from a one-sided point of view as you do from looking at the issue from many points of view. He creates his work in hopes that it will cause a little bit of confusion amongst the viewers so that these conversations occur.

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