Sunday, April 1, 2012

Some new dialog - Derek Georgia

There was a series of low grade comics I had found on the internet the other day. I love images about the faults of human kind and even the cynical aspect of the human personality. Comedy these days is about putting the faults of other races or genders out into the open. The first strip is about the cliche man literally getting pulled in by a women's chest. The progression of his mental process through the whole scene is quite incredibly humorous. 

The next comic I saw killed me, its a play off of a modern day superhero. Captain obvious is a hero of justice and truth until he simply kills a man because he was annoyed. It makes you question the line between super hero and super villian. 

This is another play on the human persona. This one in particular is showing that men only love due to physical attraction and women are only attracted by material wealth. It makes me laugh that in comedy this would be the perfect couple. The modern times have formed people into people that are only involved in material possesions and wealth.


  1. These are really funny! I especially like the first one. It was done well too, because the frames in between the first and the last have slightly muted colors, which tell the reader that what is happening is only happening in the man's head. It brings us back to reality when the woman asks if he is listening.

  2. i personally think they're all hilarious i saw the first one and i had to have more haha