Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't jump!

Being an Equestrian myself, I find this comic very humorous. The idea of horses being able to spook easily is very common, and for people who are not horse people and walk up to a strange horse often result in a spooked or scared horse. Here in this image there is a huge play on words for one taking someone who would commit suicide and replacing it with a horse is funny because horses are huge jumpers depending on the breed. The fact that the artist made the quote "don't spook him officer he's a jumper" is just ironic because horse who generally spook do in fact jump in fright. When a horse spooks it can be from a variety of things it could of because it just didn't want to do what you wanted out of bad behavior or their could be things that jump out at it or something of that nature. As far as this comic being relatable to other readings it again plays with what we have been discussing in class replacing animals with humans and their emotions that are familiar to the public. This image in particular reflecting how people can possibly be suicidal and wanting to jump off the edge of a building.

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