Monday, April 2, 2012

Perilous Waters

This is a two panel comic titled Perilous Waters.  The first panel depicts two sail boats being tossed around really big waves  with one of the sailors yelling "Steady Men!".  The next panel shows a mob of men and women fighting with each other and grabbing at random merchandise.  Above the crowd is a cashier gripping onto his desk with a terrified look on his face saying, "Hold tight.".  The cashier is imagining the scene in the first store as giant waves tossing a small boat around.  
  This comic is successful, because it's a scene that most people can relate to, whether they've taken part in the frenzy or stood at the sidelines watching it.  The cartoon is making fun of people who go crazy and turn into animals during big shopping days such as Black Friday.  It's commenting on our materialistic society and the depressing fact that material possessions can turn us into such monsters.

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  1. haha this definitely makes me laugh, just an ironic situation that happens in every comedic movie or story.