Sunday, April 15, 2012

Questions For Mr. Fish

Although I have many questions, I think I'm most curious about how he feels about being so controversial. Within each cartoon, Mr. Fish has the ability to offend thousands of people individually, or social classes, or religions, or people of different areas, or even people of different careers. I can't even imagine having to defend myself against some of the comments and unhappy remarks I'm sure he receives about his artwork. I would also like to know if he's happy that he became known through his controversial artwork, rather than being an "excellent artist." By that I mean, he seems to have in his mind that he wants to create controversial cartoons that gain reaction of his viewers, rather than creating masterpieces, like Van Gogh or Picasso. Although cartooning and caricature is not fine art, it would still be interesting if he worries more about the content of his cartoons and controversy of them than he cares about how well they are rendered, or what they look like.

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