Thursday, February 11, 2010


Ambien has caused some controversy since it has made its way onto the market. This is because of its adverse effects. Not only can it cause its user to sleepwalk, sleep eat, have sleep sex and make sleep phone calls, it can also cause the user to sleep drive. I am sure this is not new news, but my question is, why is it on the market? It is being catagorized as a "seditave-hypnotic" because not only does itsedate you, but it causes a unconsious trance in which the user's body can be fully operational and they have no idea. The idea that the FDA and the government would allow a drug that causes sleep driving just goes to show just how well we are being protected. There has been a crack down on DWI's recently to make first offences a felony. If this is the case, then why aren't we and the people involved being protected by taking this god forsaken drug off the market. I am a big supporter of herbalism. Now, I know that there may be sever cases in which medicinal herbs such as chamomile won't work, but there is no reason that medicianl marijuana won't work. They can make a medicinal marijuana that can knock the user out cold, and there are no side effects like SLEEP DRIVING! The user doesnt even need to smoke it, there are alternatives. Now tell me FDA and govenment, how does this make sense? You are allowing a drug like Ambien out on the market, but will not allow the use of medicinal marijuana for what reason? It makes no sence. The only thing an insomniac can do under the influence of marijuana that has been bred to put them to sleep, is sleep!, and maybe wake up really hungry an then go back to bed. 100,000 people die a year because of pharma toxins, but I would like to know how many people die from overdosing on weed. I don't even think it is humanly possibe to overdose on weed, because you would pass out before you got to that point, and like I said, probably wake up hungry.
The messed up thing is that insomnia in many cases is due to high stress life styles, which in the American culture are pretty hard to avoid. The fact is is that our way of life has invented this chrnic problem, so what do we do? Instead of trying to see if the system is wrong, we formulate all these bizarre solutions so the system survives. We do this with our food, our government, our factories, you name it. There are alternatives that on't require revamping the whole system, I am sure of it. And that goes for everything that we do, but I still think that there needs to be a compromise. We are using the wrong method to solve our equation, so maybe it will take a bit of checking our work to see exactly why the answers aren't coming out right.

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  1. I really like the cartoon it is funny to see how people see this drug. I like the satire it created with the dialog. I agree that the drug may need to be looked at differently. However just taking this a comic it is quite funny and lightens the mood of a serious issue we are facing and battling the drug companies on.