Sunday, February 21, 2010

The influence of Satire Through History

After reading The Age of Caricature I realized how influential cartoons and caricature have on society. It helps to build a public opinion on a subject or person, it can also make or break a movement occurring in society. The use satire mocks society and speaks to the everyday people, it helps form public opinion or vocalize concerns through humor. I like the statement made on page 7. "intimate relationship between satire and social reality, between performance and audience reaction." Through this statement the author makes it clear that communication between the public and satirical cartoons are closely related and function together. Without out one the other can not happen. Also because of the influence satire has had on society and the accessibility it has on society such artists as James Gillray (featured) the craft of caricature and cartoons has continued through time.

James Gillray may have been popular during the French revolution for his critical views of the French Revolution and his work making waves, but he was one of a few to start a long line of humorous and critical looks at society. As well as criticize what they see as injustice in society and those who lead. Today satire and cartoons are still used to depict war overseas, a featured piece.

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