Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Obama Presidency: Year One

This is a comical illustration of Obama as he begins his first year as president and the huge undertaking that he has been trusted with only to face the difficult and nearly impossible issues he is trying to correct and change. You understand that this is Obama because of the skinny body, big ears and hair. However the word Hope that has been cleverly changed to Nope was an iconic phrase used in Obamas running campaign. Many of Obamas good ideas while his plans seem to put hope back on the horizon for this countries future there are many issues that cause reason to suspect that this country is far from untangling the massive web of problems our country has gotten ourselves into. This cartoon shows Obama in a barren wasteland of sorts with the dismal grey skies threatening to rain down on what used to read as hope.  The collapse of the word HOPE is a symbolist future collapse of Obama's plans in a weakening belief of Obamas ability to fix any of the nations problems.

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  1. I think this was posted earlier on this semester? This was a very successful illustration- depicting that within the first year of his presidency Obama has not really accomplished much- not on account of him not trying but change takes time- something that we as americans have very little patience for. The hopelessness depicted is understandable, seeing as how Obama sits on top with his proposal- skinny and helpless looking.