Sunday, February 14, 2010

Evolution of Bush

I found this caricature interesting because you can see the gradual distortions the artist used over time to illustrate Bush. The more and more unsuccessful events that occurred throughout his presidency, determine the artists ability to warp his features. We can see his success as a President gradually diminish, along with his size. It is interesting to think of how much hope and faith we put into a President when they are first elected, and how in our eyes they hold so much power and importance. The more thing that go wrong during their term changes how we view them. They become less and less powerful, and gradually loose our faith. I think this caricature does a good job at showing this, as he gradually distorts Bush's features into a small, weak, powerless monkey. Looking at the first caricature, I would still view him as a president. Looking at the last caricature, I would see him as a worthless baboon. This feelings the caricatures give the viewer, can commonly relate to feelings and views many people had of him.


  1. It is interesting to see how Bush changed, the grotesque way he is depicted by the end of his term. It is also interesting to see how he shrinks as time goes by, like he becomes unimportant. I like how this shows how the lack of faith we have in our former commander and chief.

  2. I like how this artist establishes his personal opinionings and views of Bush. This illustration is self explanitory, it can even be understood without text, which is impressive. This is a good reflection of the irony of his choices and how little the public respected him after all these decsions.