Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sorry for the very late post, better late than never I guess. Anyways to compound upon what I began to examine in my last post this time I chose a simplistic caricature. Thinking about recognition with the fewest amount of detail possible or creating a likeness with the least amount of lines. Line thickness plays an important part in creating a sense of depth in this image which is also important in sculpting and understanding the face. What is the bear minimum amount of detail that is required for the image to be recognizably its subject? Also what specific features does the artist choose to include and leave out in order to be successful in accurately portraying the subject. In this particular image the artist chooses to include the chin, the eyebrows, the pupils of the eyes, and the philtrum among others to paint a picture of a particular person. From this seemingly small amount of detail we can make a surprising number of assumptions about the subject such as his age, race, disposition, ethnicity, and weight, which led me to again consider the manner in which we recognize a human face and distinguish it from others.

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