Sunday, February 7, 2010

Okay so this may be an odd cartoon, but it was one of my favorites when I was little. It does not have anything to do with politics. However the drawings demonstrate many aspects of character, personification and caricature. Mudge the dog has a character about him that represents a human and human qualities. Since he was a puupy his owner Henry has taught him many things from the perspective of a young boy. Mudge acts like he is a boy, his love of crackers gives him character. Through his character Mudge personifies a human and both main characters have aspects of caricature as they need to convey exaggerated forms of human and dog.

In the reading The Sculptural Sense it is stated:
"A drawing can describe a subject's outsides, its tonal and textural surface-state, or it can explain its structural nature, the way its parts are constructed, interjoined, and arranged in space." In Henry and Mudge the images are simple and describe the typical boy and his dog. With the simple background drawings and outlining the illustrator puts them in a space that is just their own, but can carry them into a world with others. The story and illustrations just reminded me being young and understanding the "All American" boy through these drawing and their importance in space and time.

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