Sunday, February 21, 2010

Test Conformation

I found this little cartoon in the weekly update in TIME magazines website. The snowstorm that hit the east coast put the functions of Washington DC completely on hold as a city and center of the federal government. But some citizens probably saw the storm as a pointless freeze since congress seems so incompetent. Its as if nothing was impacted in our nation by the storm. And still the two parties in our government continue to bury each other in callousness and rivalry. In the end a test run on how much we need the house of representatives showed no change and the parties seek to bury the other out of power. Not to mention that both figures are shoveling their paths in opposing directions, instead of towards the middle of compromising on the same track.


  1. This is a nice simple way to depict such a broad topic. This allegorically shows the senselessness that is within our government. There are no fingers being pointed, only the understood notions that both parties are making efforts to get ahead but nothing is really being accomplished.

  2. This kind of relates to the reading in that this cartoon helps influence regular people and how they view our government. The artist is in tune with what is going on in the world, and at the same time is also influencing public opinion through the piece. It is not directed towards anyone in particular, but does make a statement about our government.