Sunday, February 21, 2010

Toying with Power

In recognition of the satirical caricature, this image is a representation of the mentality of the noble class circa 1803. The child looks upon his upcoming crowning as a toy, and is eager to play with the new toy. I think this still relates to people in positions of power, the importance of their position is overlooked in favor of this "new toy" of control. This caricature appears similar to the concepts of Hogarth, where facial features are exaggerated to portray the character's role. The child is slightly angered by the mother figure, who appears grotesque. It is observed the child must remain somewhat innocent in demeanor to demonstrate his lack of understanding of the importance of the crown he is being given.

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  1. Its interesting to think of this as strait forward, just what the picture depicts, but with a new context that instead of the "child" being just that but rather, Napoleon Bonaparte, the meaning and propaganda in much more interesting.

    The picutre was drawing in 1803, foreshadoing that Bonapart would never be happy with the power he had but always ready to take more, because Napoleon crowned himself emperor in 1804. So the picture told of how Napoleon climbed up the ladder of power, shown by the symbols tattered and torn on the floor beside him, and he is reaching for the next rung on the ladder of power: Emperor.