Sunday, February 7, 2010

Presidental Maw (full picture)

In this cartoon by Chris Madden, Ronald Reagan is characterized to an absurd extreme, even in the standards of caricatures. Reagan looks absolutely inhuman, with a grotesquely stretched face and exaggerated, leathery wrinkles. Inside Reagan’s monstrous maw are rockets and bombs, which look eerily similar to giant fangs. His mouth, however, is overfull with these fang-bombs, making some of them fall out. Also, the fang-bombs make it seem as though it would be impossible for Reagan to close his mouth.

Strangely enough, above the mouth, the character is not obviously characterized. It looks a lot like a normal portrait of the former president. Under closer inspection, though, Reagan’s upper half seems eerily normal. The crow’s feet look like cracks in the skin. The eyes are small and indifferent. The hair is solid black with white highlights, with no variation of color at all.

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